Four accused of child sex slavery

From top left to bottom right. Steve Marks, Lila Miller, Davey Marks and Dorthy Marks are currently in Rockwall County Jail for allegations of attempting to sell a child for sexual performance. 

Four individuals were arrested in Rockwall County last weekend in connection to charges of attempted sexual slavery, and are currently being held in the Rockwall County Jail.

Steve Marks, a resident of Denton, and his wife Lila Miller, both 31, are each charged with attempting to sell a child for sexual performance, with both being held on $1,000,000 bonds. Marks’ parents, Davey and Dorthy Marks, residents of Mesquite, are in Rockwall County custody as well, both on charges of harboring a runaway minor on $5,000 bonds.

Steve Marks and Miller are also both charged with interference with child custody, on $15,000 bonds.

Details on the case are unclear, as the Texas Department of Public Safety is still actively investigating the case and, due to the involvement of a minor, public details are scarce.

Steve Marks, in a statement to WFAA, said “I love them. I would die for them. I have no reason to sell my children.”

Marks also told WFAA that he has seven children from ages one to 14, and that he has had multiple run-ins with Child Protective Services (CPS), with at least three children removed from his custody in one such recent run-in due to marijuana found in their systems.

Marks claims that the daughter he is accused of attempting to sell, currently the ward of CPS, may have run away to Chicago with her boyfriend, though no corroborating details were offered.

The Herald-Banner will continue to monitor and update this case as more details become available to the public.

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