Construction of the first 38 houses in a 659-home, 432-acre development on the northern edge of Royse City could begin soon.

Kerala Christian Adult Homes is owner and operator of the project, located off Farm to Market 1777 in Collin County.

The project is described as an active adult community primarily for Keralites — residents of Kerala, a narrow strip on the southwest coast of India.

“They are pretty aggressive right now, Their board is anxious to get those first 38 houses built,”

Larry Lott, executive director of the Royse City Economic Development Corporation, told EDC board members on Oct. 25.

The project’s website states the project’s progress:

“By the grace of our Lord, infrastructure construction in our property is started. The grading job for the gate entrance and 38 house block started Sept. 6, 2011. On completion of this work, we will move on to the on-site utility construction and road construction. God willing, we will build our first 38 houses in the summer of 2012.”

The website also stated that 22 of the 38 homes have been sold.

“At one point in time, they said they had no doubt that all 650 homes would be sold,” Lott said at the EDC board meeting.

“Our mission is to provide a peaceful and spiritual retired living environment for the North American resident community from Kerala, by designing and accomplishing projects with all amenities of a luxurious lifestyle,” the website stated.

Once the project is completed, Kerala Homes’ features will include a clinic with a fulltime physician, nurse and ambulance service. A cafeteria that will be open seven days a week and serve “delicious Kerala-style meals” also will be provided.

Other facilities or services that are expected to be provided when the project is completed include a retail shopping center; outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, jogging track and parks; chapel with meeting facilities; weekly housekeeping and linen service; building and lawn maintenance; transportation; and guesthouse.

“In addition to the facilities that we suggested, we expect many private businesses, such as banks, saloons, travel agencies, etc. to come into this project,” the website continued.

Full-fledged assisted living and nursing home facilities also are among future plans.

“When the project gets completed, it will definitely become a dream place that anyone will adore to spend their whole retired life,” the website stated. “If you prefer to spend only part of a year in the project, it is again very suitable since the project will take care of your house maintenance in your absence. It also will be very safe to leave everything there within the secured gates.”

On the frequently asked questions web page, there was a question regarding why Kerala Homes is near Dallas. Why not in Florida and North Carolina?

The answer: “We searched and analyzed many states/cities, including Florida and North Carolina. We found that Dallas has many advantages over other cities in other states.”

Following is a list of reasons the Dallas and Royse City area was selected:

* There is no state sales tax;

* Dallas is a fast growing, clean city in Texas with the least pollution and humidity;

* Warmer area with less humidity is most suitable for old age;

* Fairly large Malayalee population;

* Real estate prices are still affordable;

* Collin County is one of the quiet suburbs and Royse City is a small community;

* Downtown Dallas is only 35 miles away from Royse City;

* Major hospital is only 15 minutes away; and

* Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is just 48 miles away.

“Buying a house in this project is an investment,” the website stated. “The project is in a small city located in a fast-growing Collin County. The real estate price in this city is steadily increasing. Large housing complexes already started in this city, triggering its growth.

“In addition to this, Malayalees in North America have just begun to reach retirement age. This retirees’ number is going to be multiplied by many times in a few years. We expect a very high demand for the houses in this project within the next few years.”

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