So the garage sale that my parents put on this past weekend went pretty well.

Did I say pretty well? I actually meant surprisingly well, especially considering they have been talking about putting one together for what seems like forever, only to wake up at 5 a.m. the day of to throw all of the junk from their garage out on the driveway.

And let me tell you, it was A TON of stuff, from old furniture to VHS movies to silverware. You name it, and it was out there for sale.

I called it junk earlier, but let me rephrase, because it wasn’t all junk. In fact, I was amazed at just how much of it people were actually interested in.

We had old hats, golf clubs, dishware, books from my childhood, books from my college days, hockey sticks, etc.

And people actually bought some of it. A whole $700 worth, give or take.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for when the sale really got started. I believe my mom said folks started arriving about 7 a.m., even though on Craigslist we had advertised the sale to take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. But apparently the sale started as soon as my dad placed all the signs out, which was very, very early.

Not like it mattered. By 1 p.m. there wasn’t much left that people would have wanted anyway.

A lot of our items we were selling took me way back. That “All Dogs Go to Heaven” VHS tape, why that was one of my favorite movies when I was much younger. And those Power Rangers tapes, too. Let’s just say the VCR was probably my best friend back then.

Those hockey sticks I mentioned earlier still hold a special place in my heart. One of my pastimes as a kid was playing roller hockey out in our street with friends and neighbors.

We’d don our NHL unis and just tear it up out there.

And if a car came rolling through, well, we’d have to get on out of the way, move the goal and ourselves for every single car that passed by (Larry Drive has always been a popular cut-through street for many living in Heath or just passing through).

Boy, did we have some fun back then, reenacting whatever happened in the NHL out on the street.

The hockey sticks didn’t sell, which is amazing seeing as how the people just seemed to keep coming. I highly underestimated the power of those dollar store garage sale signs.

And I’m not talking one or two people coming at a time. We saw whole families piling out of their cars to take a peek.

Out of all the customers we had, I don’t think I’ll soon forget one mother-daughter pair. The mom wanted to buy my old Dell laptop for her daughter, who was bawling her eyes out for reasons unknown to me at the time.

I found out later that they had been to a different garage sale that day, and that the little girl had found a scooter and other items she liked.

The problem was that the mother had not brought any money with her to the sale, so she couldn’t buy the items her daughter desperately wanted.

When they came back with money, the items had already been sold.

That poor child was a wreck because of it. But thankfully, she had an interest in my old laptop, for downloading games and such, was what the mother told me.

It feels good to know that something from my past brought joy to someone else’s present and probably future, though I don’t know how long that computer will last seeing as how the monitor was tearing away from the keyboard because I had dropped the thing one too many times.

What we didn’t sell (which was still a whole bunch) we dropped off at Helping Hands. Except the books, those went to Half-Price Books for even more money (yay!).

The garage sale might have been a bit of a pain to organize, but it was well worth it. We’ll be going on vacation soon, to Bimini, and now we have a bit to help fund our trip.

Thanks to all who came out this past Saturday.

Austin Wells is a reporter for the Rockwall County Herald-Banner and Royse City Herald-Banner. He can be reached via email at

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