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Hunt County Transportation Committee Chairman W. D. “Dee” Hilton provided updates on several upcoming highway projects during the recent Greenville Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Those attending the March 6 Greenville Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Membership Luncheon were provided an update on multiple highway improvement projects planned for the region.

Many of the efforts centered on the area between Royse City and Greenville, which is expected to experience rapid growth during the next decade.

Visitors at the Texan Theater heard from Hunt County Transportation Committee Chairman W. D. “Dee” Hilton, who explained the projects will be paid for through $260 million in local, state and federal funding.

At the top of the list was the planned expansion of FM 2642 between FM 36 and State Highway 66. Hilton said the intersection of the farm-to-market road at Interstate 30 is one of the fastest-growing locations in the county.

“That’s where Buc-ee’s is located of course, and Royse City High School,” Hilton said. “That would go under that new overpass which was recently completed.”

The project is currently in the midst of the design phase, along with the acquisition of right of way and the relocation of utilities. Construction on the expansion is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of next year and be completed by late 2023.

“That would be a four-lane to five-lane project that is much needed in that area,” he said.

The rebuilding of overpasses across Interstate 30 is also planned and will be undertaken simultaneously.

The bridges at FM 1570, FM 1903 and Monty Stratton Parkway are all in the design phase, with building to begin in the second quarter of 2023.

“There will be issues with traffic during that time,” Hilton said. “Because the underpasses, the farm to market roads for those, will have to be closed for temporary periods of time.”

A total of 11 projects are on the list, with two of the jobs still waiting on funding.

The largest single project is the widening of Interstate 30 from four to six lanes between FM 2642 and FM 1570 in Greenville.

Hilton said TxDOT committed an additional $40 million in leveraged funds in 2019. The design phase is estimated to begin late 2021, with construction planned to start in mid-2026.

Another project, the widening of State Highway 66 between the Hunt County line and Greenville, remains under study and does not currently have a timeline set.

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