An external audit of the Rockwall County Treasurer’s Office was expected to begin Tuesday to determine how much money was allegedly taken from the office earlier this year.

Former Rockwall County Treasurer Sheree Jones resigned from her job May 12. The Royse City resident is a suspect in a criminal investigation being conducted by the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office and the Rockwall County District Attorney’s Office.

Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson said he expects to have his investigation concluded by Friday.

Rutherford and Taylor Co, PC of Greenville is conducting the external audit, which should take approximately one week to complete, said Rockwall County District Attorney Ray Sumrow.

“Right now it appears that there are no funds missing. It appears there were some missing funds between January and April of this year. The auditors are coming in on May 30,” Sumrow said last week.

The missing funds have been repaid to the treasurers office, Sumrow said.

Jones had not been indicted or charged with any crime in the investigation as of Friday. What crime, if any, she may be charged with will determine how much money was missing earlier in the year, according to Sumrow.

“The amount of missing funds will determine the level of the case that we will file,” Sumrow said.

The Rockwall County treasurer receives an annual salary of $56,454.

Jones was recently re-elected in the Rockwall County Republican Primary as its candidate for county treasurer in the November election.

As of Wednesday she was still listed as a candidate. If she were to remove her name as a candidate, then the Rockwall County Republican Party and the Rockwall County Democratic Party would be able to appoint candidates before early voting begins for the November election.

Bill Sinclair was appointed as the new treasurer by Rockwall County Commissioners. He began his new job immediately.

Jones could not be reached for comment on the issue.

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