James Branch

Serving the citizens of Royse City for the last five years, James Branch recently announced his decision to once again run for city council.

“I have sat down and reflected back on where Royse City was compared to where it is now and asked myself, ‘Do I feel like I made a difference?’ The answer is absolutely yes,” Branch said.

Branch shared that when he first moved to Royse City, it was an intentional move in 2001 to begin a family, stating that the city’s tax rate, school system and business appeal were deciding factors in his family’s move.

“When we moved, I wanted to get involved and help shape the future,” he said. “This is a critical time for Royse City.”

Since Branch was elected in 2009, he helped to lower the tax rate twice, created a healthy fund balance as of Dec. 2013, helped to improve Royse City’s fire safety rating from a 5 to a 3, which lowers insurance premiums for businesses, helped to improve infrastructure by replacing and adding new water and sewer lines, building a new water tower and repairing streets, helped to add critical city executive positions including chief financial officer and a new city manager, developed a step pay pan for city employees to make Royse City more competitive, increased sales tax from $1,079,000 in 2008 to 1,800,000 in 2014, helped to increase commercial and residential growth and held water rates steady despite large increases from the North Texas Municipal Water District.

“We have developed an attitude within City Hall of being competitive, getting our salaries up to be competitive, continue with economic growth, continue to promote homebuilding and attracting developers, providing an environment for families to bring in their children and move into our community or even start a family here,” Branch said.

“There is so much to be proud of and so much work to be done,” he said. “The future is bright for Royse City.”

Having children in several campuses in Royse City and being of median age of the citizens of Royse City, Branch believes he can continue to represent the community with an understanding of what the city needs.

“I know what’s going on and what we need,” he said. “We need a police and fire station south of town. We need another fire truck, a sports complex. All of those things are on our radar for the very near future.”

Branch also expressed his gratitude for serving thus far, and hopes to continue to be a part of Royse City’s growth.

“It’s been a real honor to serve. We’ve worked really hard as a council, and I have worked really hard to see where we came from in 2009 to where we are now. It’s a huge accomplishment for our city,” he said. “We have so much going on. If you look around out town, it’s not gonna be the same. It’s important that we really look at everything that we have coming and that we make smart decisions along the way.”

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