City officials expect to know soon whether a spraying program is needed to deal with the mosquito population in Royse City.

City Manager Carl Alsabrook told city council members at their June 25 meeting that Royse City is following guidelines set by Rockwall and Collin counties.

Those guidelines, he said, specify “not to spray right now, not to spray indiscriminately, but to understand what we have present at this time.”

Traps have been stationed throughout the city, he said, “and we’re trapping mosquitoes as we speak.” Alsabrook said the samples trapped will be sent to the state for testing. Those tests, he added, should tell city officials whether Royse City has a potential problem with the West Nile disease.

“They caution against just indiscriminately spraying for two reasons,” the city manager said.

First of all, he said, mosquitoes can build up a resistance to insecticide.

“And secondly,” he added, “you don’t want to just go out spraying indiscriminately insecticide throughout the city unless you actually have a problem.”

The city manager said Brent Stowers, the city’s parks, recreation and facility maintenance superintendent, is certified in vector applications.


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