Royse City resident Gabriel Basilios, who operates Joe's Meat Market in downtown Royse City, is given a proclamation certificate by Mayor Janet Nichol at the Sept. 25 council meeting.

The Royse City Council unanimously approved the budget for the city’s community development corporation at its Tuesday council meeting.

Larry Lott, executive director of the Royse City Community Development Corporation, said the department is projecting a $176,000 surplus for the year, and said he looks forward to retail growth in the city.

The corporation oversees retail and residential projects in the city and is largely funded through revenue from sales tax.

Lott said his department is projecting $842,301 in revenue from sales tax, a 7 percent increase from last year’s budget. An additional $44,000 in revenue has also been projected from interest payments.

Spending for the department is projected to be about  $710,156.

“We have several new businesses that we’re working with right now that could possibly be opened in this next fiscal year,” Lott said. “Of course, Buc-ee’s is going to be coming online within this next year as well, so I think the outlook is very very strong.”

With the approved budget, the development corporation will be getting an additional $2,000 to use for office maintenance. Other items listed in the budget, according to city officials, were largely unchanged from last year.

Mayor Janet Nichol said she was satisfied with the job that the development corporation did last year.

“I have all the confidence in the world in our CDC. They’re very good about handling incentives and bringing good things to Royse City,” Nichol said. “They’re a huge part of what we have coming; the CDC is the first stop.”

Nichol told the Herald-Banner that she was happy that the council was able to approve vehicle purchases for the fire and police departments.

The Council was presented with estimates for two new vehicles for the Police Department for $56,820 as well as an additional $27,100 for equipping the new cars.

The Royse City Volunteer Fire Department is looking at purchasing a new fire engine for $783,355, as well as an additional vehicle for $66,418.

Deputy Fire Marshal Tanner Dietz said the volunteer fire department currently has two engines, one from 2005 and another that is almost 25 years old. The new fire engine will replace the older vehicle.

The second vehicle for the department, priced at $66,418, will be used for day-to-day operations.  

“For us it’s going to enable us to have new updated equipment as opposed to what we have currently. The maintenance costs will be reduced as well,” Dietz said.

The Council also looked at approving the purchase looks good

of two cars for the Police Department for $56,820 as well as an additional $27,100 for equipping the new vehicles.

At their Sept. 11 meeting, council members approved the budget for the next fiscal year and added two paid firefighter positions.

Dietz told the Herald-Banner that the Department is looking to hire internally at this time.

“It’s only internal right now for our current volunteers. We’re going to offer (the positions) to them first and go through our normal process,” Dietz said. “If we don’t fill the positions up internally, then we’re going to have to open it up to outside the department.”

Royse City resident Gabriel Basilio, who owns Joe’s Meat Market was also presented with a proclamation certificate from the city at Tuesday’s meeting. The city recognized the month of September as Hispanic Heritage Month.