Location of new Sonic and gas station

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The Fate City Council on Monday approved a zoning application that has brought the city one step closer to getting a new gas station and a Sonic Drive-In in the area.

According to city documents, the new 7,500-square-foot building would be built on a 1.88-acre property located at the northeast corner of the Interstate 30 service road and FM 551.

The property, which before Monday’s vote was zoned for agricultural use, will now be a planned development district.

Jessica Larson, Fate’s spokeswoman, said the retail development would be a welcomed addition to the city.

“It will give travelers running down I-30 a reason to stop and come into Fate,” Larson said. “The development is the beginning of economic growth in that corridor.”

She said city officials currently do not have information on how many jobs the new development would create.

“We won’t see dirt moving for probably another four months; there is a lot of background work that needs to be done before we can move dirt,” Larson said. “But we are approved with the zoning, and we’re approved with the concept plan, which are the first steps.”

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission had brought up issues with proposed entrance ways and parking spaces during its review of the application ahead of Monday’s meeting, but approved the request 4-0.

The developer of the proposed gas station project will be required to construct a sewer line that will be subject to city impact fees.

Cities that charge impact fees do so in order to offset any increased stress on road, water and sewer infrastructure stemming from a new development.

As an incentive, Fate will reimburse the cost of the construction of the new sewer line through its sewer fund.

Council members also charged city staff to begin collecting applications to fill three citizen positions on Fate’s 2018 Charter Commission. The deadline to turn in an application for a spot on the charter review committee will be Oct. 10.

Larson said the City Council could decide which two of its members will serve as its representatives on the charter review committee as early as Oct. 15 at its next scheduled council meeting.

There are no rules preventing the mayor of the city from serving on the commission as one of the two representatives from city council.

“The charter commission will meet once a week until they have completed going through the charter, and whatever revisions they want to make to the charter will go to the voters in May,” she said.

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