061819 Fate City Council Proclamation

Mayor Pro Tem and Council member David Billings read the proclamation declaring July as “Park and Recreation Month” in Fate at Monday’s Fate City Council meeting. The council presented a copy of the proclamation to members of the Parks and Recreation Board.

Discussion was animated at Monday’s Fate City Council meeting as community members expressed their opinions on proposed outdoor emergency warning sirens and the specific use permit application for gasoline and alcohol sales at Homeboy’s Exxon.

After hearing those opinions and a presentation on different options, council members voted for city staff to come up with a two siren comprehensive proposal for the next council meeting.

“From my observation, there’s a lot of concern and a lot of chatter on why we don’t have sirens,” Council member Lance Megyesi said.

The special use permit on alcohol and gasoline sales for Homeboy’s Exxon wasn’t approved by the council. To pass, the permit required six votes but it received only five votes with Council members Tamara Fisher and John Hamilton voting against the approval of the permit. The council voted to reopen the public hearing and allowed community members to share their opinions on the special use permit. Community members close to Homeboy’s Exxon and from around Fate spoke for and against the approval of the permit.

The council weighed opinions of those present, emails they had received, the updates the owner had made to the location and the vote held on allowing a liquor store in the city. Council members also brought up the message that denying the permit would send to businesses looking to open in Fate, but Council member John Hamilton thinks there’s more to it.

“I’m not against businesses at all, I think they’re great,” Hamilton said. “But the thing is, is that people have the right to disagree with something that they don’t believe should be there and I think we should consider that.”

In other business, the council also approved a concept regarding a possible future contract for human resource services with Strategic Government Resources. The HR firm has been providing services to the city and conducted an assessment of the city’s HR department and what could be improved on. SGR recommended techniques to expand application pools for position openings, proactive outreach to city employees by the human resources department and more.

Leigh Corson, the interim HR director for Fate through SGR, talked about the findings of the assessment and her experience working with the city.

“We want to increase proactive outreach to employees, I call it ‘HR on the road,’” Corson said. “This is a very good group, I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve been here.”

On the Williamsburg Public Improvement District, the council voted to call a hearing at the council meeting on July 15 for special assessments against property in the PID. They also approved the preliminary service and assessment plan and assessment rolls for Phases 2B, 2C and 3A-1.

The council heard from applicants to six community boards and appointed members to the boards including: The Fate Development Corporation Board of Directors, Municipal Development District Board of Directors, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and appointed an ad hoc member to the Capital Impact Advisory Committee.

They also accepted a $2,000 donation from ATMOS Energy for the Department of Public Safety and Mayor Pro Tem and Council member David Billings read the proclamation declaring July “Park and Recreation Month.”

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