RCISD Fate Joint Meeting

Fate Mayor Lorne Megyesi (left) speaks with Royse City Independent School District Kevin Worthy after the March 28 meeting between city and school officials.

The Fate City Council and the Royse City Independent School District expressed optimism in the growth of the area at a joint meeting last week.

Superintendent Kevin Worthy spoke to city officials about projected student populations as well as what neighborhoods that the district is projecting growth in. The school district will be building its second-ever middle school, named after Trustee Bobby Summers, in Fate.

“In 2028 we’re projected to hit the 10,000 mark in student population,” Worthy said. “And I think that it will come sooner than 2028. We pay our demographers good money to be conservative in these projections.”

Worthy also said Royse City ISD is now among the top 20 Dallas Fort-Worth area school districts in terms of the number of students.

And with almost 600 home closings reported for 2018, Worthy said Royse City ISD is one of the fastest growing districts in the area. He said the Woodcreek and Union Square neighborhoods are where the district is seeing the greatest amount of development.

He also highlighted a planned subdivision called Bearpen Creek, located directly behind Royse City High School, which is expecting 2,800 lots.

Worthy also highlighted the district’s “Community Scorecard,” a local accountability report that the district began publishing partly in response to the Texas Education Agency’s method of measuring student performance.

Rather than a system that is heavily dependent on standardized testing, Worthy said the scorecard is a great way to learn what the community expects out of the district. He also spoke about the district’s partnerships with Paris Junior College and Texas A&M-Commerce to offer RCISD students associate’s degrees by the end of high school.

“Think about the savings these students are experiencing,” he said.

Fate City Manager Michael Kovacs and Assistant City Manager Justin Weiss spoke about the growth of Fate, and said population estimates for the city is currently at 17,000. The two city officials shared future and current city projects, including the downtown revitalization plan.

After the meeting, Mayor Lorne Megyesi said the growth of Fate as well as the school district calls for strong communication between the two, as more schools will need to be built in the city.

“Because you can’t just open up a school overnight; it takes a lot of time and work to do it,” Megyesi said.

Worthy told the Herald-Banner that the district, which operates in three different counties and serves two different municipalities, could run into unique challenges in the future.

Though he does not know exactly what those challenges are, Worthy said the district will continue working with local city officials to prepare for any hurdles.

“As we continue to grow, we will face challenges,” Worthy said. “But with the relationships that we’re building, we’re able to solve the challenges and problems through direct communication.”

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