Holiday Grease Roundup

When preparing and cooking the Thanksgiving main course, or any of the big meals planned this holiday season, the City of Fate would appreciate it if you don’t pour the grease down the drain.

The city is conducting the Defend Your Drains Holiday Grease Roundup and will be hosting multiple events during the next few weeks, where residents can drop off their used grease to recycle it for free.

The effort is designed to reduce grease and fats from entering the city’s plumbing infrastructure.

Pouring used cooking fats, oils, and grease down the drain can cause clogs in a home's sewer pipes, potentially resulting in costly plumbing repair bills. It can also cause clogs in public sewer lines outside the home and result in sanitary sewer overflows where raw sewage backs up into the home or ends up in public areas or even in creeks and streams.

As such, Fate has joined Defend Your Drains as a host of this year's 2022 Holiday Grease Roundup, where all collected grease will be used to create biodiesel or biogas for energy production.

Recycling events will be held at the city’s new public works building, 1834 FM 551, Royse City between 7 a.m. and noon on Nov. 28, Dec. 14, Dec. 28, or Jan. 4.

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