Empty Trailer

The Zac Romo Band posted these photos of an empty trailer after the band's equipment was stolen. 

Last week, “The Zach Romo Band,” a rising local talent, was devastated to discover that all of their musical equipment, including priceless guitars and instruments with dear memories, was stolen out of a trailer.

Zach Romo, the lead singer of the band, had already planned a trip to Mexico, and was forced to take a vacation with a heavy heart – knowing that a huge wrench had been thrown in the band’s way.

“Not how I wanted to start our vacation. That trailer is supposed to be full. There are truly terrible people in this world,” Romo wrote in a Facebook post.

In the past few days, however, Romo has found out that there are also loving, giving people in the world.

A Facebook fundraiser started by Royse City resident Cathe Gordon, has raised more than $10,000 in a matter of a few days.

Gordon said she felt compelled to start a fundraiser for the band, as she had seen firsthand how members go out of their way to show compassion to others. She knew that Royse City would respond, but what did didn’t expect was the overwhelming support.

“They donate their own time and money to local fundraiser. I’ve seen it behind the scenes,” Gordon said. “And the thing is Zach is never one to ask for recognition or to even ask for something like this.”

In a matter of a few hours, the fundraiser blew past its goal of $2,500. By mid-day, the fundraiser goal was moved from $5,000 to $10,000.

“It moved so fast, they couldn’t even grasp what was going on,” Gordon said.

Though Romo, who is still on vacation, was not available for comment, Michael Summers, a close friend to the band, said he’s happy to see how people in Royse City and beyond have rallied to show support for his friends.

Summers is the lead singer of “30 Miles East,” another Royse City-based band that has close ties to the Zach Romo Band.

“That has got to be the worst nightmare for a band, walking out and seeing everything stolen,” Summers said. “All that sound stuff can be replaced, but your guitars and drums – those are things you get attached to.”

Summers and 30 Miles East will playing music as part of a fundraiser scheduled June 9 at Sweetwater Grill, located 4884 Hwy. 276 in Royse City. The event is expected to begin around noon, and will last throughout the day.

“(Romo) is one of the best dudes out there. It doesn’t surprise me that support has poured in like it has; he deserves it,” Summers said.

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