Lime Media HQ groundbreaking

Lime Media held a groundbreaking celebration last Friday, marking the construction of its new headquarters at 2700 Observation Trail in Rockwall. 

Lime Media hosted a groundbreaking celebration to mark the construction of its new headquarters in Rockwall this past Friday morning.

The advertising and experiential marketing company will leave its current location in Rowlett, where it has been operating for more than 13 years, once the new location is complete. The move from the two offices in Rowlett to the larger location will allow the company more room for growth.

“We will be on five acres and locating all our offices to one location for more efficiencies,” a Lime Media spokesperson told the Herald-Banner “This size location will allow us to expand into larger projects and programs.”

The company planned the new headquarters for a year and anticipate the construction to take nine months. In addition to a larger office and work space, a handful of positions are expected to open up in the future, adding to the staff of 40 the company currently has.

“We will add 5 employees a year as we grow into our new facility,” the spokesperson said via email. 

In addition to the two office headquarters Lime Media is currently housed in, the company has an account services office in St. Louis and partners with Wrap Garage in Greenville, who does the company’s vinyl wrapping. 

The out-of-home ad and marketing company has worked with businesses like Netflix, Disney, McDonalds and more in providing “visually dynamic and immersive consumer engagement programs.” 

“Our goal is to take an agency or brands challenge or big idea and bring it to life by leveraging our existing fleet of assets or creating something out of nothing.”

The new headquarters will be at 2700 Observation Trail in Rockwall and is expected to open next year. 

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