The opening of the Lineman Training School in Royse City is still planned, but delayed, as the school waits on funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, and its accreditation in the State of Texas.

As of last week, Royse City is showing its downtown in a new location: A billboard is up on the south service road of Interstate 30, facing eastbound traffic, inviting those heading east along Interstate 30, into town. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has taken a year’s lease on the board, which is near the former site of a retail game distributor.

The billboard’s purpose is to increase awareness of downtown, and thus the city as a whole, said Kari Hollifield, Main Street director. EDC and the Main Street collaborated on the idea and its fruition. Julie Fowler of Fowler Designs, and the State Main Street Association worked on the design.

This was learned at the March 24 meeting of the Royse City Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

One project which has been brought to the attention of Larry Lott, EDC director, is a distribution center. The developer is looking for 40 acres within two miles of the Interstate on which to put a 200,000 square foot facility. It could hire up to 200 employees, Lott noted.

Auto Zone should open in May or June in the historic district, complete with the new road the store has built.

Two new retailers have opened in downtown, adding to the variety of retail, restaurants, the video store, and arts and crafts shop, and beauticians: Heart and Soul Boutique and LaRue Chic Boutique.

Road impact fees were mentioned, as they have been in several meetings of late.

Because many significant projects, including received variances to the road impact fee ordinance, the city council has decided to look at road impact fees, Lott said.

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