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A couple of Royse City businesses are on their way out while another pair are making plans to open locally, according to city manager Carl Alsabrook.

Alsabrook says the Tiger Mart owner has verified that both businesses housed within the facility – Quiznos and Kentucky Fried Chicken – are either closed or closing in the near future.

KFC is currently closed due to a franchise dispute, Alsabrook said.

“There was a disagreement on the franchise fees,” he said. “The franchise owner didn’t want to pay the increase that was being asked. So, they’ve closed.”

Alsabrook also says Quiznos is expected to close in the next couple of weeks, continuing a trend of nationwide chain closures. Quiznos – based in Denver, Colo. – filed for bankruptcy protection back in March and has closed more than 2,100 stores in the last five years.

Alsabrook says the owner has informed him that replacements have been identified and the business slots will not stay empty long.

But, while some are leaving town, others are still fully intending to join the new landscape in Royse City.

A CVS Pharmacy store has signed its project agreement and expects to be open before the future Walmart store. However, Alsabrook says he’s heard from company officials that it won’t be open this year.

Both the CVS and Walmart projects are managed by Provident Realty Advisors, Inc.

Last week, the city council approved the final design plan for the new PCA medical facility, to be located on FM 2642 at the Interstate 30 service road on the north side. In addition to the medical center, the project will include an imaging center and an in-house orthopedist is also expected to be part of the deal.

The council also decided to move forward with tearing down the old lumber yard structures at Elm Street and the old railroad station.

“It’s just not a safe place,” Alsabrook said. “People like to use it for a place to take photos, but it’s not a safe place for people to be walking through.”

Alsabrook says the council agreed to tear down the old office building and lumber housing building on the site and reuse the lot for additional downtown parking. Teardown of the buildings is expected to begin within a couple of months.

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