Teens for Jeans

Caddo Mills Middle School and High School students have been working hard to collect jeans for an organization called "Teens for Jeans" that helps homeless teenagers nationwide. If the CMMS and CMHS students win, they will receive a cash prize of $5000 and a concert by British boy band The Vamps.

Caddo Mills Middle School and High School are participating in a contest called “Teens for Jeans.”

Sponsored by Aeropostale, the contest helps to raise awareness of homeless teenagers while working to improve their situations.

“The most asked for item at homeless shelters by teens is a pair of blue jeans,” said Middle School Principal Anne Payne.

In an effort to help those less fortunate, Caddo Mills teenagers at the middle and high schools have combined efforts to collect as many gently used or new jeans as they can before Feb. 10. If they win, the students will receive $5000 and a free concert from The Vamps — a popular British boy band with singles like “Somebody to You” and their updated cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Oh Cecilia (You’re Breaking My Heart).”

Two years ago, Payne’s family started working with this organization as she wanted her children to find a charity to be involved with to give back to their community. When Payne learned that a free concert and cash prize would go to the winners, she asked high school principal Brian McKamy if both schools could participate to gather more jeans and improve their chances of winning. Of course, he agreed.

Already, CMMS and CMHS have collected more than 200 pairs of jeans. Each day, the contest is announced.

“The kids are having fun with it,” Payne said. “We told them about the number one request of homeless teens and some were shocked that they would actually want jeans.”

Each time a student brings a pair of jeans, a “dress code pass” is given. A dress code pass allows students to wear sweatpants, athletic shorts or hats during the school day.

To help Caddo Mills students reach their goal, jean donations can be made at either school or dropped off at Payne’s Supermarket.

For more information about Teens for Jeans, visit teensforjeans.org.

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