The Royse City Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to pass the new zoning ordinance and adopted the new zoning map in its meeting on Thursday night.

Royse City Planning Director John Ward addressed the commission with the concerns that were raised by citizens during the public hearings held on April 17.

Two changes will be made to the zoning map that was originally submitted. Hicks Road, on the south side of the city, had been mislabeled. Also a resident on Fairway Lane had pointed out that his street had been represented as not being in the city limits, which it is. These two changes were noted as amendments to the motion.

There were two other residents who had sought to exempt their properties from being a part of changing zones, but these objections were overruled.

One request, made by Reggie Allen, had sought to keep his property zoned as multi-family but will be changed to commercial.

He had planned on building apartments on his property. The commission is still open to addressing his needs with possible future action.

“He’ll have to come in and ask us to re-zone it back to multi-family,” said Commission Chairman James Branch following the meeting. “It’s better for us, so we’ll have an accurate spot of where his property is from start to finish, how deep, and everything else..”

Commissioner Kevin Jackson clarified the benefit of the extra meeting.

“All this here that was zoned multi-family may not all be his property, Jackson said pointing to the map. “This way he comes back in and presents the actual plat and we have an actual line, some of that could still remain commercial.”

Though the commission had already held a public hearing on the issue, Branch elected to open the floor again for any discussion or comment from the public.

There were no residents who came forward to address the commission.

There was also no discussion by the commission. James Elder moved to adopt the ordinance and map changes, with noted amendments. Doug Bostick seconded and the commission unanimously adopted the proposed changes.

The City Council will vote on the issue in its May 16 meeting.

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