The developer and land owner involved in negotiations to provide for a water connection to the upcoming Kerala subdivision both attended the Royse City City Council meeting held last Tuesday at the municipal police and courts building.

Dub Douphrate, representing the developer, and Donald Clinard, the property owner from whom the developer is seeking to obtain the utilities easement, both indicated to the council that their negotiations were progressing.

Clinard did state that he had concerns about additional property easements that the city wanted to secure in addition to the Kerala line. He also indicated a bit of resentment at having a water line driven through his property that he was not even allowed to hook into.

Interim City Manager Larry Lott stated that the additional easements were intended for the future Phase III of Hidden Creek Estates, but that he would look into an escrow option with developers that could possibly postpone action on those easements until those utilities were necessary.

A motion passed to authorize the interim city managers to pursue condemnation if Clinard and Douphrate were not available to reach a final agreement. Gary Gregory and Russell Summers voted against the motion.

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