Chamber President Resignation

Julia Bryant (right), president of the Royse City Chamber of Commerce, speaks with Tony Lyons, a Chamber board member, at FunFest 2018.

After 12 years of serving as the head of the Royse City Chamber of Commerce, Julia Bryant announced that she will be resigning from her post in May.

The Chamber made the announcement through on April 1 through its Facebook page. Bryant told the Royse City Herald-Banner that she feels good about her decision and is confident in the future of the organization.

Bryant’s resignation will be effective May 24, and the new leadership team for the Chamber will be announced at the organization’s annual awards luncheon on May 21.

“The accomplishments we have made these past 12 years have been astounding, and I know that the new leadership team will work just as hard and even harder than I ever did to propel our Chamber into the future,” Bryant stated in the release.

Bryant worked to enhance local events like the annual FunFest on Main Street, as well as monthly events like the Chamber’s luncheon. She also spearheaded the efforts to start the renovation process of the the Calaboose Jail located downtown.

She said one of the things she has enjoyed most is the ability to work with businesses to build the community.

“It’s about learning what is going on in the community and being someone who can pick up the phone and answer your questions,” Bryant said.

Bryant said she is happy with the growth of the city and the impact that the Chamber has had during her tenure.

“I don’t know what it was, but there was this passion that drove me to make me want to stay,” she said.

Now, feeling that the organization will be left in good hands in its board of directors and existing staff, Bryant said she is excited to move on to other ventures. She said she would like to work more closely with her husband through a family-led business venture.

“I can be comfortable handing my baby over to someone else,” Bryant said.

Royse City Chamber Vice President Vanessa Stahl stated the following in response to the announcement of Bryant’s resignation.

“It truly has been an honor to work beside you every day the last couple of years! I will miss our laughs, our ‘what if we did....,’ our brainstorming, venting, where are we eating lunch daily talks,” Stahl wrote. “You are more than a co-worker but are now a dear friend!”