Arthur Anderson's Collection

Deloris Ballard, left, curator of the Zaner Museum in Royse City, looks over material on loan from the collection of Arthur Anderson, right. Anderson will also provide more items for Black History Month at the museum next week that will feature Civil War materials and books.

If you happen to see Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott’s face coming at you at the Zaner Museum in downtown Royse City, you aren’t mistaken. 

Arthur Anderson, a Royse City sports enthusiast and collector loaned some of his prized possessions to the museum for a couple of weeks during Black History Month.

The museum is on Arch Street in downtown Royse City and open noon to 4 p.m. each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Curator Deloris Ballard said.

Anderson will remove the sports items and provide a historical display the final portion of February that will feature items from his collection of the Civil War and other historic documents.

The sports memorabilia had a Dallas Cowboys flare to it featuring an Emmitt Smith book along with posters on Elliott, Deion Sanders, Jim Brown and Dak Prescott.

The late Kobe Bryant’s book is featured in the attraction along with posters and photos of Muhammad Ali, Mike Singletary, Michael Jackson, Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens and items from the Star in Frisco. He also has figurines and action figures and a musical swinging basketball representing the Harlem Globetrotters.

“This is not all I have, just a few things,” Anderson said. “My wife thinks I have too much. I share it with my family; my son will get the Ezekiel Elliott poster.”

“My favorite is the Top 10 poster,” Anderson said. “I really like that one. It’s not a real recent list, but it’s good.

“I admired the ability of a lot of these men. Deion Sanders played for the Cowboys and also professional baseball. Jesse Owens won the Olympics and defeated all the others, including the German athletes. Owens never really got the reception and recognition he deserved when he returned from the Olympics.”

The poster lists the top 10 legendary black sports figures. According to the list, the top 10 are 1. Jackie Robinson; 2. Muhammad Ali; 3. Jim Brown; 4. Jesse Owens; 5. Joe Louis; 6. Wilma Rudolph; 7. Arthur Ashe; 8. Althea Gibson; 9. John Carlos and Tommie Smith and 10. Hank Aaron.

“This is a real nice display and we appreciate him sharing the sports material with us and the community,” Ballard said. “His next display will be about the Civil War and have more to do with history and soldiers.”

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