Tracey Treadway holds a “cheesecake shot “ as she stands in front of the Main Street building that will be home to her Frosted Whimsy bakery. Her business is moving from Rockwall to the Main Street building formerly occupied by Leeza’s Pizza. She plans to open the business in March.

Tracey Treadway is hopeful she will find sweet success in Royse City when she moves her Frosted Whimsy bakery to Main Street in March.

Treadway and a community development official used identical terms to describe their feelings about the bakery’s move from downtown Rockwall to downtown Royse City.They agree that the move “fits.”

“I was looking for a change and moving to Royse City seems to be the right fit for my business,” Treadway said.

“We think it’s a great deal,” Larry Lott, executive director of the Royse City Community Development Corporation, told city council members on Jan. 22. “We think it fits with what we’re trying to do in the downtown area.”

Treadway will move her business to 134 E. Main St., former location of Leeza’s Pizza, after an extensive remodeling project has been completed.

In her new location, Treadway will make some additions that she hopes will enhance her bakery business that focuses on “custom dessert catering.” The additions — serving yogurt with “endless toppings” and providing floral services.

The city will provide a $16,000 incentive to upgrade the building to accommodate this facility.

 City council members unanimously approved the incentive at their Jan. 22 evening meeting. That morning, the CDC’s board of directors voted to recommend that the council approve the incentive.

Lott told council members that the Royse City Main Street Advisory Board met recently to identify businesses “we would like to pursue to come to downtown and occupy some of the vacant buildings we have.”

A bakery was one of those businesses identified, Lott said.

The next day, he told city council members, Treadway called.

Lott said he and Main Street Manager Paula Morris visited with Treadway and “we basically got the lady interested.”

The possibility that Treadway provide additional services came up during future discussions.

During the meetings, Lott said, “we said it would really be great if you had a yogurt machine to go along with the cupcakes and other bakery items you’re going to sell.”

“And we talked about not having a florist. So, she came back to us with a proposal, that if we would give her some assistance, that she would not only bring her bakery here, but in addition to that, she would buy refrigeration to sell floral arrangements as well as a yogurt machine.”

To provide new services, Lott said, she would have to make some equipment purchases. He said Treadway told him the additional equipment would cost between $12,700 and $25,000. New counter space and other store fixtures also would be needed.

Lott said the CDC board approved $16,000 — the “middle of her range.”

The building that will be home for Frosted Whimsy is getting an interior and exterior facelift.

“That building after she gets ready to move in will look considerably better than it does today, inside and out,” Lott said.

Lott said later that “a primary goal of the CDC is to work with businesses to get them to come to Royse City and use CDC grant money to do so if necessary.”

He pointed out that CDC grant money comes from sales tax revenue, and does not include property taxes.

A performance agreement will be developed.

“The lady is very passionate about her business. She’s committed,” Lott said. “If we go forward with this, we’ll do a performance agreement with her. She’s committed to at least a three-year contract, so we don’t just spend CDC’s money and six months later, she’s gone.”

Lott said other expectations that will be part of the performance agreement will involve the creation of jobs and sales tax revenue generated.

Treadway said the desire to see her business change took her to other Rockwall locations, Garland and Rowlett. Her search stopped in Royse City when she talked with Lott and Morris.

“The right doors appeared to be opening here,” Treadway said, adding that she talked to other area business people before deciding to make the move to Royse City.

Treadway said her business focuses on “custom event decorating and dessert catering.” A specialty, she said, is dessert displays — themed dessert tables for various events.

Along with serving yogurt with “endless toppings” and providing floral services, Treadway said she also plans to add decorating classes for adults.

Treadway already has summer camps for children between the ages of 4 and 13. The children, she said, are taught to create and design cookies, cupcakes and other edible creations.

She also will provide a bakery supply rental service. Instead of having to buy cake displays and other supplies, they will be available at Frosted Whimsy on a rental basis.

In the showroom, she said, customers will have the opportunity to come in, sit and enjoy yogurt, cupcakes and “dessertinis.” A dessertini, she said, is a dessert in a martini glass.

Treadway has been in the decorating business about 18 years, and is a former employee of Rockwall Cake Factory. She bought the business about a year and a half ago and changed the name to Frosted Whimsy.

“I’m excited about the new challenges,” Treadway said. “I’m excited about meeting new people in the community and becoming a part of the business community here.”

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