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The Royse City Council on Tuesday approved re-appointments to its Main Street Board and Cultural Arts Advisory Board and added one new member, Colleen Shinn to its Animal Shelter Advisory Board. 

The City Council also heard a presentation from the developers of Capstone Court, a project that is being considered near Erby Campbell Boulevard. 

The development, if completed, would offer a new variety of living situations in the city in the form of duplexes and triplexes.

According to the plan presented to the City Council on Tuesday, about there would be seven to eight of these structures per acre, and would bring 132 additional residential units to Royse City. 

Developers told the City Council that pricing for the properties would be priced at approximately $100 per square foot. 

Council members showed their approval of the plan at their Tuesday meeting, which had already been reviewed by the city's Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Councilman Tom Crowley told the Herald-Banner there could be some downsides of having this type of housing in the city, but said he feels that the benefits outweigh the negatives. 

He said residents in the area were heavily against a similar plan that would have led to an apartment complex being built in the same lot on Erby Campbell Boulevard. 

"It met a lot of resistance from the residents in the area at that time because two story units, according to some of the residents, would have been looking into their backyard," Crowley said. 

The development plan that was given to council members on Tuesday would not have structures that would be tall enough to look over backyards around the perimeter of the property. 

Crowley, whose profession is in real estate, said there are more families that are looking to invest in a living situation, but cannot afford a traditional home.

The City Council will also be meeting Thursday to make amendments to the city's definition of "craft brewery" to specify what a "brewpub" means. 

Brewpubs, which serve beer that has been brewed on the premises, require a special licence to operate in the state.

The special-called meeting on the definition of brewpubs on Thursday will begin 6 p.m. at the Police and Courts Building, located 100 W. Main St. in Royse City. 

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