Teachers and staff working for Royse City ISD will get a raise this fall as the RCISD school board voted to increase pay at their meeting last Monday night. 

The recent passing of Texas House Bill 3, concerning school finance, allowed the school board to approve salary increases for teachers, librarians, nurses, counselors and support staff. Teachers will receive a raise of just under 9%, according to an email sent out to school employees. All other staff employed by the district will receive a 3% raise. 

“The passage of House Bill 3 by the Texas Legislature, combined with our local efforts to compensate staff, have made this significant raise possible,” RCISD Superintendent Kevin Worthy said in a press release. “We’re thankful to our local legislators for supporting school finance reform.”

In addition to the raises, the starting teacher salary will grow to $50,000 as the school board approved the increase. 

“Our school board is committed to investing back into our staff. This raise is well deserved for our hardworking educators,” Worthy said. “The school board has proven its dedication to raising teacher pay over the last few years. This is an exciting time in Royse City ISD and I’m proud of this great news.”

Teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians with five or more years of experience will see an increase of $4,050 in the coming school year, which makes them the group receiving the highest increase. This is due to House Bill 3’s requirement of differentiation among levels of experience. 

According to the school’s press release, salary increases have typically been between 1% and 3%.

“There’s no better way to impact a child than by having the best teachers in the classroom and compensating them appropriately is the best way to do it,” a spokeswoman for the district said. 

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