Glenn Melancon of Sherman is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the office of House of Representatives for District 4.

Melancon [pronounced Mella-sawn or Mel-LAWN-sawn] was born in Heidelberg, Germany, on Jan. 24, 1966. He and his wife Jackie moved to Sherman in 1995 after he completed a Ph.D. in History from Louisiana State University. He had accepted an appointment to teach history at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, while Jackie became a special education teacher in the Denison Independent School District. Their two sons, Christopher and Alexandre, attend public schools in Sherman.

Glenn advanced in rank to become a full professor in July of this year and has also served as the Cubmaster and Committee Chair for Pack 9 at Wakefield Elementary School. He is also a part of the adult education team at St. Mary's Catholic Church.

Melancon believes that instead of rewarding international corporations for shipping jobs overseas, Congress must reward job creation at home and must expand grants for votechnical and higher education.

Regarding health care, Melancon believes Congress should provide affordable group insurance for small businesses and individuals modeled on the federal employee's health insurance and reward preventive health care to lower long term cost.

He feels Congress should also invest in a comprehensive public research project to find alternative sources of energy and to create greater energy efficiencies, reward the use of existing technologies such as biodiesel, solar and geothermal and promote the creation and maintenance of mass transit.

In terms of foreign policy, Melancon said the United States must capture the terrorists responsible for 9-11, build a meaningful alliance based upon mutual respect and cooperation, set clear and measurable benchmarks for progress in Iraq before approving any more money, provide American troops with the armor, equipment and numbers that they need to fight effectively while in harms way and stop the construction of permanent United States military bases in Iraq.

Kevin Anderson of Anna has also announced he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the office in the March 7, 2006 primary.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall) is the incumbent in the district and has filed seeking re-election.

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