Tammy Oliver, assistant principal at Fort Elementary School, makes a presentation during a day-long Royse City Independent School District strategic plan retreat Thursday.

The strategic plan will take the Royse City Independent School District from a “good district” to a “great district.”

That was the opinion Superintendent Kevin Worthy expressed Monday night while updating the school board on the progress of the strategic plan development process.

His update focused on a day-long retreat held Thursday for action team leaders to present action plans that had been developed to meet objectives set by a planning team.

Worthy said he “got overwhelmed” at times when considering the responsibility that will come in following through on the action plans.

“I got overwhelmed at times, knowing that I’m going to be responsible and some of my staff members will be responsible, but we can do it,” Worthy said. “That’s what’s going to take a good district into a great district.

“That’s our goal over the next three to five years, taking a really, really strong district into something that is unbelievable, that people will be talking about. ‘What is going on at Royse City? They’ve got it going on.’ And that’s eventually what we’re going to do. I promise you that.”

Worthy told board members they will go over each action plan during a budget workshop on April 29. Then, on May 13, the project’s facilitators wil come back to the school board and “present the stratigic plan, basically.”

The superintendent reminded board members that the strategic plan “drives” the school district’s dicision-making and budget for the next three to five years.

Worthy had words of praise for the 11 action team leaders and their work.

He said: “A lot of great things; a lot of higher level thinking; a lot of wonderful additions and suggestions that were made by our community members, our teachers, even our students. We had a few students who were serving on action teams and that was pretty special.”

About 100 community residents, parents and teachers were involved in developing action plans for objectives that were provided by a planning team.

Strategic objectives set by the planning team are as follow:

• Teaching and learning: Students will reach their full academic potential by adapting to the pace and rigor of 21st Century learning;

• Human resources: Royse City ISD will design and implement a recruitment plan and coordinate efforts to retain highly qualified personnel;

• Funding and finance: All stakeholders will maximize resources to ensure student success.

•Facilities: Royse City ISD will create and maintain functional and innovative facilities that will reflect equity among all campuses while focusing on optimal student performance.

• Communications: Foster relationships between campuses, district and communities to ensure effective communications.


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