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Royse City ISD is working with Claycomb Associates, Architects to design a proposed CTE expansion at Royse City High School.

Royse City ISD is currently partnering with Claycomb Associates, Architects to host design meetings for a CTE expansion at Royse City High School, which is proposed in the district’s May 1 bond election. The meetings are asking teachers to envision innovative learning environments and help brainstorm the needs for a state-of-the-art facility.

“I would love to have the option to do some type of farm-to-table environment,” said culinary arts teacher Karen Purvis. “Think ‘Chopped’ kitchen. I can incorporate labs, and then we have all of these areas where I can have teams doing bits and pieces of whatever meal we’re making.”

 Claycomb is inviting all CTE teachers at RCHS to share ideas and feedback for potential new classrooms. From layout to furniture to technology to storage, every aspect is evaluated in terms of what is best for students, staff and the community.

“The whole idea, especially for the first floor, is to try and showcase what the programs are doing and what the kids are doing,” explained Royse City High School Principal Dr. Sean Walker as he proposed the use of glass to separate kitchen and dining areas. “It would go along with it if I’m sitting here eating and could watch what the kids are cooking.”

The open dining concept, as well as a catwalk for fashion design students are just two of the ideas that have been discussed. Accordion-style glass walls are also being proposed as an opportunity for class collaboration.

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