I’ve been in a baking mood lately. It didn’t hit me all of a sudden, nor is it random.

It’s simply the time of the year.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. Those are the specific times of year I tend to actually bake — well, bake something more than different chocolate chip cookie recipes in an attempt to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

However, this year, I feel like autumn should be here and that I should be baking. I say should because, as you all know, we are currently experiencing the August we didn’t get. All of the rain and slightly cooler than normal temperatures were great. But now, in true Texas weather style, we are right back in the middle of a furnace and it’s annoying.

So, fall should be here. I want the cooler weather. And even though Texas fails at the whole four-seasons-a-year routine, my four-year span in Missouri continues to make me yearn for real seasons.

This desire for fall has grown even stonger since every single place I go to has fall magazines, or Halloween decorations or even Christmas decorations — yes, Hobby Lobby, I’m talking to you, you over-eager holiday palooza.


Recently, my mom took my grandma to Arkansas to visit some of her friends. This left my dad alone with their corgi and my brother’s borzoi. Obviously, I volunteered to help dog-sit. This led me to go to my parents’ house, which inevitably led to my boredom when the dogs simultaneously decided to take a nap.

I found the Southern Living magazine. There’s food on the cover, as per usual. And it was autumn food. And just like that, pumpkin food and harvest-themed food began popping up everywhere — or I began noticing it.

Then, there was Pinterest. I feel like all of my stories involve Pinterest, but I don’t regret it.

My most recent find? You’ll be so glad I asked.

Salted caramel apple spice mug cake.

A mug cake [inset happy dance here]. I’m always filled with glee when I find mug cakes because they are like the petit fours of normal cakes, the Twix bites to actual Twix bars, the “personal-sized” pizza to real, human-sized pizzas. 

And they make great gifts. Also, mug cakes, for those who don’t’ know, are actually cooked in mugs and are normally cooked in the microwave. Is it pumpkin dream cake quality? No. But, it’s fun, festive and delicious — and portion controlled.

I have already pinned a few pumpkin recipes, but I keep having to remind myself that while we are close to October, it is, in fact, still September and the pumpkins will have to wait.

The waiting is OK, though, because apple desserts are even better than pumpkin desserts and this particular apple dessert has a prep time of one minute and a cook time of two minutes.

I’m not into stealing other people’s recipes, though, so I’ll tell you the ingedients, but you’ll just have to visit tablefortwoblog.com for the entire thing. It uses all-purpose flour, apple pie spice — which is a concoction of spices that differ depending on where the recipe is found — baking powder, granulated sugar, salt, unsweetened applesauce, milk, vegetable oil and water.

It seems like a lot, but the measurements are small.

Now, just a disclaimer, I haven’t actually made this yet. But, it’s on my list. And, since I love everything salted caramel, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this little mug cake and I hope you do, too.


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