Things I like: books, hot beverages, yoga and dessert.

There are other things I like, of course, but these come to mind continuously and repeatedly when someone asks me. I always feel weird answering because I feel like I should have something more detailed, more educated and really just more interesting than a list. Sure, these interests of mine say something about who I am, but not everything. I mean, what books do I read? What kind of hot beverages? What kind of dessert?

People who know me well could provide a few answers, but my coworkers could provide an abundance of answers for the last category: desserts.

The answer: cookies.

I’m a cookie-a-holic and I have no regrets. I’ve written before about my search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie — something I feel like I could document in book form. It’s known I like to bake (but not cook). And, it’s known that I love cookies. Probably by everyone in Rockwall.

My most recent cookie experience has yet to happen.

When Reporter Jim Hardin came into work Wednesday morning, he got to hear all about the Halloween dessert I planned to make. He got to hear what I could make, the possibility of Halloween brownies, something pumpkin, until I told him I actually already knew what I was going to make — cookies. And then I showed him a picture so he could see how scrumptious they looked.

I’m sure he wasn’t surprised.

But let me tell you about these cookies. 

First of all, they are called Dark Chocolate Halloween Chip Cookies. They are dark chocolate cookies courtesy of Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder and they have dark chocolate chips in them, and chocolate chunks, and Reese’s Pieces, and Halloween baking chips. Sounds delicious, right?

Well, anyway. I was telling Jim about these cookies and then I got an idea. What if I put marshmallow creme inside the cookies? What a great idea.

Every year, my parents and grandparents gather on Halloween. They do this, I’m pretty sure, so the passing out of candy to tiny humans is distributed among them and one person doesn’t have to stay by the door all night. But, during the candy distribution, my family also consumes chili.

Personally, I’m not a fan. When I partake in the Halloween festivities, I always secretly order a pizza. The secret never lasts because instead of a candy-hungry child at the door it’s the pizza man, but it remains a good plan.

This year, though, I am bringing these cookies. I’m determined. Will I also order a pizza? Probably so. But I will bring a wonderful dessert to accompany the candy. I mean chili.

Also this year, my maternal grandmother has decided to dress up as a witch. She was able to persuade my mother to do the same, so I will be helping out with make-up this year, too. I’m excited.

Halloween, although not my favorite time of the year, is fun. And I hope you all enjoy whatever spooky plans you have.


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