After enduring eight long years of President Obama’s disastrous policies and facing the prospect of four years of Hillary Clinton perpetuating those policies, my Christmas wish came early when the American people rose up and made it clear we are ready for a new direction.  

With President-elect Donald Trump entering the White House, Congress will now have a willing and eager partner in the Executive Branch. Under a unified Republican government, I’m excited that the conservative efforts my House Republican colleagues and I have been promoting over the last two years can finally become the real policy changes our country so desperately needs to get us headed back in the right direction. 

The Better Way agenda my conservative House colleagues and I have been working on marks our detailed effort to be a proposition party – not an opposition party. From health care, to taxes, to regulation, to national security – we’ve already laid out specific strategies on how we can put America on a better path. I’m proud that several of the key legislative components of this conservative agenda are initiatives that I’ve championed.

One key piece of the Better Way agenda is my Separation of Powers Restoration Act, which passed the House resoundingly this summer. This bill has been hailed as a landmark victory for the Constitution. And my inspiration for drafting, introducing, and ultimately passing this legislation actually came from you.  

As I went to hundreds of events across the 18 counties I represent, I had the opportunity – and privilege – to listen to your thoughts and your concerns.  You all shared with me your very real frustrations and hardships – all caused by an almighty federal government trying to intrude upon every single aspect of your life. 

The Separation of Powers Restoration Act seeks to alleviate the immense burden that’s grown so drastically under Obama by restoring the three, co-equal branches of government that our Founding Fathers intended.  For far too long, the deck has been stacked in favor of the unelected regulators making your lives more difficult – my bill says: enough is enough.     

When this bill was being passed in the House last July, President Obama issued a veto threat – but the good news is that there will soon be a new leader in the White House, and I’ve already spoken with President-Elect Trump about this very bill.  Legislation like this will improve the lives of the American people, and it now has a renewed pathway to becoming the law of the land.

With everything Republicans have been working so hard on already – from my U.S.-Israel cybersecurity collaboration bill that was signed into law just this month, to the dozens of other problem-solving pieces of legislation included in our Better Way agenda – I’m more than confident that we have the right ideas and the right plan to hit the ground running as a productive and effective partner with President-elect Trump. 

The American people have voted for a unified Republican government.  It’s time for us to make the most of that opportunity.


This is an abridged version of the Facebook Live address Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) delivered in Rockwall on Dec. 14. You can view his full remarks here: