By the time people read this, Thanksgiving will be over.  The wonderful dinner eaten last Thursday will be leftovers long gone. Turkey, steak, ham — the glorious main dish in the center of the table became the main meat on a sandwich. And the accompanying sides — dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes — became sides once again.

But as I write this, Thanksgiving has not yet occurred. The cooking hasn’t started and the ovens are cool.

Last week, my co-worker, Carol Ferguson, asked people in our office what they would be thankful for while sitting around the table at Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, I don’t remember my exact words when I gave her my answer. But, it had something to do with my family, my friends, my job and those small, everyday blessings that make life so grand.

For me, those small blessings are really small.

They are finding a new book to read, one that I read cover to cover in one sitting.

Drinking coffee outside on a chilly morning.

Listening to the rain as I fall asleep.

Meeting up with my friends at the last minute for a spontaneous Harry Potter party and way too much alfredo pizza.

Seeing back-to-back movies at the theater with my brothers when they are in town.

So often we get caught up in the big moments, the ones that have been planned for a long time, that we’ve been waiting on for ages. The birthday parties, the anniversaries, the long-awaited vacations, the holidays.

But I always find myself thankful for the small moments, the moments in-between. I’m thankful for the occasions when I feel at peace and happy to be right where I am.

This Thanksgiving, though, I realized I’m thankful for a lot more. I’m 100 percent thankful for all of those small, everyday blessings. My life wouldn’t be the same without them. 

But I’m also thankful for the holidays in general. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and Thanksgiving is nice because it’s the official gateway. Sure, I listen to Christmas music whenever I feel like it and not just during Christmas. But Thanksgiving is when it’s socially acceptable for all of the Christmas crazy that I revel in.

That being said, I’m still talking about Thanksgiving and what I’m thankful for — those moments that aren’t so small, but are special.

I’m thankful for making dressing with my grandma and trying out new dessert recipes every year. I’m thankful that I get to spend time with both of my brothers. I’m really thankful that my brother’s dog — Wechsler — is coming for Thanksgiving. He’s goofy, large and adorable.

So, when everyone was actually sitting down to eat a Thanksgiving dinner, or play a game with their family or go to the movies,  I hope everyone take a moment to took what you are doing, the memories you are making, and have fun.


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