The cell phone is out again. This time I guess I dropped it one too many times. Either that or the ink pen that exploded in my pocket this weekend got all over the phone, which was also in my pocket, and ruined it. Last time, the grandbaby drooled all over the phone. But at least I didn’t drop my phone in the toilet.

When my friend, Kim Satterwhite, bent over to look in the bathroom mirror, her cell phone dropped out of her pocket and fell in the toilet. For a few seconds, she stared at her phone in the toilet and calmly thought, “My cell phone’s in the toilet.” Then she panicked and realized, “Oh, my cell phone’s in the toilet!”

Obviously, her phone wasn’t working, so she got the hair dryer out and tried to dry the phone out. That didn’t work, so she and her son went driving down the highway at 60 miles per hour, and she held the phone out the window hoping the wind would dry it out. That didn’t work, so she finally had to get a new phone.

That was the first time I ever heard of someone dropping their cell phone in a toilet, but apparently it’s a common occurrence.

Local resident Bobbie Sutton said she’s dropped her cell phone in the toilet several times. She said she puts it out to dry for a few days, and a few days later it’ll be working again.

“My boyfriend’s a plumber, and he’s been called out several times to dig cell phones out of toilets,” Sutton said. “Sometimes, he’s had to take the toilet completely out in order to get the phone out.”

Jerry Emmons at Crumpton TV in Greenville said that liquid damage to cell phones is the most common problems that they encounter at work. He estimated that they deal with two to three wet phones a week.

He said people drop their phones in toilets, bathtubs, wash them in the washing machines, and babies lick the bottom of the phones. He said dogs chewing on phones is also one of the most common problems.

Crumpton TV employee Jordan Houghan said the toilet thing is always a favorite, because a lot of times, people don’t tell them that their phone was dropped in the toilet until after they start working on them.

Emmons said people sometimes don’t want to admit why their phone isn’t working. But he can tell there’s been water damage because the phones have a moisture indicator, or sometimes he can smell beer or alcoholic beverages on the phone.

Emmons said Mondays and nice weather seems to be the busiest times for phone problems, probably because people are getting out more, which provides more opportunities for phone damage.

“Lawn mowers catch a few of them after people drop them. People leave them on the top of their cars, and we’ve had some people say that their phone is at the bottom of the lake,” Emmons said.

When cell phones get wet, Emmons recommended to put the phone on the window sill, face down, to help dry it out. He also said that water damage or dropping the phone isn’t covered under warranties because that’s considered cell phone abuse by the owner.

The point to this story — I abused my cell phone, and now I have to pay the price. But at least I didn’t drop it in the toilet.

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