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I’m sure plenty of people in and around Royse City would take issue with my political beliefs. And frankly, I find some of the views and opinions expressed by certain folks around here a half bubble or so off plumb.

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After digesting a transcript of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s appearance in Dallas last week, at which Abbott outlined a 40-point “action plan” for reducing gun violence in general and school shootings in particular, we’re still not sure how serious Abbott is about addressing the issue.

Millions of Americans who flocked to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots on the opposite sides of a national political tug-of-war have more in common than they think.

Ordinarily we would expect to be found on the Republican side in most elections. The national Democratic Party has drifted so far to the left and tends to offer so little in the way of new ideas that we — and most Texans — don’t tend to feel at home there.

As the U.S. Representative of 700,000 Northeast Texans, it’s my duty to stay constantly engaged with the folks back home to ensure I’m truly representing their will in Congress. Over the past few weeks, I’ve hosted a series of open houses spread throughout the 18 counties in Texas’ 4th Distr…

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Aircraft that were instrumental for the United States and its allies during World War II are taking to the air yet again on Saturday in Terrell.

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