By Tracy Chesney

It’s a “Game of Life” out there... It doesn’t matter whether you “Win, Lose or Draw,” though. What matters is that you “Don’t Spill the Beans” and that you “Don’t Break the Ice.” What matters most, though, is that if you’re bored, play a board game, and it’s more fun than a “Barrel Full of Monkeys” if you win.

If you like word games, there’s nothing better than a game of Scrabble, which, by the way, National Scrabble Day is April 13. “Don’t Bug Me” about this, but it’s true. If you don’t like “Scrabble,” however, try your hand at “Upwords” – an upwards version of Scrabble.

Scrabble has caused many Family Feuds between family and friends, because some people claim to be killer Scrabble players. It’s “Deal or No Deal” as you “Risk” it all to beat that number “Uno” person.

If it comes down to the “Luck of the Draw, “so try challenging that person to a game of Hangman or Tic, Tac, Toe, or Bingo! Because they’ll be sure to get “Ants in the Pants” as they struggle to get out of that “Mousetrap.”

As for strategy games, if you’re technically challenged, stay away from those because they’re bored games not board games.

For example, don’t ever play “Axis and Allies” with someone who claims to be an expert in the game, especially if you’ve never played it. The rules seem to change every five minutes, according to whoever’s teaching you how to play. And if you’re playing with someone who thinks the little green airplanes are cute, then you might as well say, “Sorry.” This is “Taboo.” “Let’s play ‘Mall Madness,’ instead.”

“Hands Down,” but “Monopoly” seems to be one of the most popular games around. There are numerous versions of Monopoly including Aviation, Bass Fishing, Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers, Make Your own Monopoly Game, and my favorite is Chocolate opoly, but too bad the pieces aren’t edible.

If you prefer a game of skill and challenge, then “Operation,” Guess Who?,” “Crocodile Dentist or Hungry, Hungry Hippo is just for you.

If you are bored, however, and don’t know what to play, then go hog wild and play “Pass the Pigs.” The cute, little black or pink picks are like dice and considering how they land on the table, then you can “pig out” if you get too greedy and try to rack up too many points in one turn. Note: this game isn’t much fun unless you play it with John and Donna Kelso and their family, cause they really know how to “Pass the Pigs.”

If you can’t decide what to bored game to play, then here’s a Clue for you. Ask Mr. Mustard if he did it with a candlestick in the conservatory.

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