I have served with several different school board members in the past 10 years, all of which have dedicated their time and shared their wisdom to make decisions that are beneficial to the children of the Royse City Independent School District (RCISD).

I feel that it is imperative that I speak of one particular board member that has been a key individual in the success of the district. That person is Don Palmer.

Don Palmer may well be one of the most respected and dedicated board members that I have had the pleasure of serving with.

He has never lost focus on the main goal, purpose and responsibility of a school board member.

The only thing that may surpass his knowledge and experience is his love for all of the children of the school district.

On his own and with no financial aid from the district, Don Palmer set out on a journey to achieve one of the most respected positions in the state of Texas educational system of becoming a master trustee.

This not only included extensive travel throughout the entire state, but also many hours of intense study and numerous days away from his family. All to achieve a position that is held only by a select few among thousands of state school board officials. To my knowledge this has never been done by a school board member of the Royse City school district.

It cannot be measured how invaluable this extensive training has benefited the children of Royse City which is one of the fasting growing school districts in the nation. Mr. Palmer’s biography includes a masters degree in mathematics from Texas Tech University.

He holds a highly responsible position with Raytheon Systems as a systems engineer. He fills what little spare time he has with volunteer duties that includes teaching young adult classes at his church, greeting elementary children at school each morning with hugs and handshakes and then supporting every extra curricular program in the school district.

Don Palmer, his wife Jenny and his children Sam and Hannah are the heartbeat of this school district and community. His invaluable ability to make sound and responsible decisions are priceless to the future of our school district.

If there were a mirror to look into the soul of Royse City ISD, it would reflect the honor, moral standards and integrity of a quality person such as Don Palmer. These are critical times for our school district.

Stability is so very important at this junction. Please help keep our focus on the future by supporting Don Palmer with your vote.

Bobby Summers,

RCISD Board of Trustees president

Royse City

Royse City needs a grocery store


I would like to submit this to our city council here in Royse City. I read in the Dallas paper that our population has exceeded 7,500. That is great news. I feel we are growing too fast personnaly, however great news none the less.

People are finding out about our little slice of heaven east of Rockwall and Dallas. My concern is we still have to drive about 24 miles round trip to by our big grocery purchases? Our hard earned money is being spent in Rockwall.

Not to mention our tax dollars benefitting the citizens of Rockwall.

I have heard a couple or reasons (rumors) why we will not have a grocery here in our fair city.

They are as follows: Any grocery that wants to come to town wants to have a pharmacy and any grocery that comes to town wants to be able sell beer and wine. Allow me to address number one first, if the reason is about a pharmacy, isn't our economy built upon free enterprise and market? What is wrong with a little healthy competition?

I appreciate all of the current "grocery" stores we have. They are convient. However, would you ordinarily pay 79 cents for a can of tomato sauce? No, not normally.

But if you run out at the wrong time and don't feel like making a 24 mile trip, you will.

Competition.Free enterprise. Competition. As far as the beer and wine sales go I would say no. But, if the majority of our citizens say otherwise, so be it.

We could always ask Rowlett and Garland if there has been a increase in alchohol related deaths, accidents and crime. We probaly find that it has gone up, slightly. My major concern I am trying to voice is that a town our size needs and deserves a grocery store.

I would like to see our city council and mayor work extremely hard at this. Ask around, I know I have.

We want a grocery store, we need a grocery store and we deserve a grocery store. Thank you and God bless Royse City. 

Jospeh Martinez,

Royse City

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