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In response to Bill Burford’s letter to the editor, I am one of the “liberal Democrats” running for office in Rockwall County. It is quite humorous to read his letter and listen to his opinions as I was once a “dyed in the wool” Republican, moving to Texas in 1988, voted for Reagan during my…

We are seeing record numbers going to the ballot box. People are weighing all of their options and determining who to vote for. In the midst of this hard fought election, we have seen a former elected official “switching sides” to support a pro-choice, open-borders, anti-gun Democrat, over o…

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The din of federal politics almost extinguishes serious discussion of local issues. That said, Rockwall County voters ought not to take our eye off the political ball for the Nov. 6 election. County politicians want us to approve a $50 million bond for a 400-bed jail.

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