Congratulations and  mission accomplished.

I’m assuming that your intent for publishing the Jan. 27 letter from Marie-Anne Schiffman was to do your part in the media world to insure that the very deep divide in our country includes  Rockwall County. 

Now, if this were just a paid political announcement, then I compliment Ms. Schiffman on doing a nice job of  “touching all the bases” for the ultra liberal left.  If it were advertising or  paid for space,  I’m surprised it was on the opinion page and wish you luck in collecting payment-in-full from the Democrat Party, George Soros, or whoever would have been investing in the demise of America, our election processes, capitalism and the future of our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.

Actually, perhaps I should be thanking you for publishing this letter as it does re-emphasis our differences and it re-enforces just how important it was to prevent an extension of the prior administration and to replace the prior cabinet with people who know how to get something done; not just do as they are told.  

Oh, yes, the Women’s March….. wasn’t that entertaining.  The Hollywood/Washington version was so enlightened that the emphasis was more on the words and signs that were too vulgar for us to see and hear than anything else.  I do wish they had taken that opportunity to explain why the infant that is in her mother’s womb has no rights (even though she has a brain, a heart, lungs, and her other  parts) but her mother, on the other hand, has the right to terminate her.  No doubt Mom will someday  mentally/emotionally  pay for her decision, but the pro-choice group thinks that I should pay for abortions today.  That makes sense to the Liberal Left……. but not to the vast majority of us — Americans.

Another thought.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could hear from all elected officials of Rockwall County and cities on what they believe  on these topics.  It sure would make future voting decisions easy.


Galen Hilliard



Editor’s note: The Opinion page of the Herald-Banner is open to all points of view.