Fate Mayor Pro Tem David Billings

Fate Mayor Pro Tem David Billings

Election Day is fast approaching. On May 4th, 2019, we get to decide who will become our new Mayor and City Council person for Place 6. We also have 9 City Charter amendments to consider. 

In Texas, our cities are governed in one of two ways. First, we have "General Law" cities whose powers are limited by the specific authority granted by Texas statutes. Second, we have "Home Rule." These cities, with a population over 5,000 persons, have adopted a home rule charter to define the structure, power, duties, and authority of their local governments.

The City of Fate has adopted Home Rule, so our citizens can have a direct impact on how we govern our city.  

In the 2019 election, we have nine Charter Amendment proposals offered for your consideration.  Please read each amendment carefully and decide if the proposal is good for our City.  Fate is your home and these proposals directly impact our community!

Local government is the purest form of democracy. Your City Council is directly accountable to you, and not lobbyists. Please vote for the candidates that embody your ideals and vision for the future of Fate. 

Every vote counts! Every voice counts! You can make a difference in this election!

— David Billings, Fate Mayor Pro Tem, City Councilman Place 5