I have recently relocated to Texas and have been to the Department of Public Safety office three times, attempting to get my Texas driver’s license. It is easier to get a U.S. passport than a Texas driver’s license!

I was under the illusion that Texas was business-friendly. Maybe the politics make it easy for big corporations to navigate all the paperwork at DPS. I know I cannot seem to get all the needed paperwork. Each time, there is another modifier requiring additional documentation.

Why don’t lawmakers quit wasting our time by simplifying vehicle registration, driver’s licensing, and other DPS issues? Why aren’t there more convenient locations for DPS? (The next closest location is Sulfur Springs or Dallas.) Why is the computer system constantly on the blink? And why are the offices understaffed? I am pretty sure Hades contains a DPS office.

The employees are miserable and taxpayers are angry after waiting hours for service.  Seems like to me tax dollars invested in updating a system that impacts so many taxpayers might be a worthwhile investment of time and legislation.

I think I am going to create a new battle cry for Texans. Instead of ‘Remember the Alamo!’ It should be ‘Remember the DPS!’ - a place that takes no prisoners.


Royse City


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