To the editor:

Hunt County Voters —

The now oft-used phrase “You never cease to amaze” seems appropriate to describe the actions of the voters who approved the Hunt County Road Bond Proposition to allow the Commissioners’ Court to issue $24.42 million in bonds over the next four years to make major transportation projects “shovel-ready.” Your willingness to approve well-conceived major infrastructure plans over the last decade has been significant as our county, cities and school districts move methodically forward to prepare for the impending growth. You have approved two countywide hospital proposals, as well as street and school building proposals in cities and school districts within Hunt County.  

You considered a very positive set of facts regarding the $186 million in total projects that can be implemented with our local contribution of $24.42 million.  You viewed the cost to each taxpayer to be a good investment in our future after watching the impact of waiting too long to deal with the transportation challenges of growth. You asked good questions in public meetings and presentations.  Ultimately, you considered the facts and found the program put forward to be worthy of your support. 

We will look forward to watching the continued leadership of Judge John Horn and the Commissioners’ Court in the implementation of the plan you have now authorized. We also look forward to the impact on safety and the ability to move people from place to place within our county. 

In addition to my gratitude to the voters, for making this decision, I want to thank those who worked on the Hunt County Transportation Steering Committee for three years to bring this plan forward. I only wish that Dr. Dan Jones were still with us to be able to see this come to fruition. I also want thank the members of the Yes for Roads Committee that was chaired by Randy Tarpley (Greenville) and co-chaired by Debi Darter (Lake Tawakoni) and Paul Voss (Commerce). 

The time has come to “turn some dirt.” Thanks again for your support.

W.D. “Dee” Hilton Jr., Chair

Hunt County Transportation Steering Committee

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