We are seeing record numbers going to the ballot box. People are weighing all of their options and determining who to vote for. In the midst of this hard fought election, we have seen a former elected official “switching sides” to support a pro-choice, open-borders, anti-gun Democrat, over our current state senator that has been a steadfast leader for our conservative values and beliefs.

The former state senator has accused current state Sen. Bob Hall of not voting his district. That is a baseless accusation. Sen. Hall has earned recognition of being the most conservative state senator in Texas. That distinction places him right in line with how the district votes in General Elections. Senate District 2 in Texas is more “Republican” than California and New York is “Democrat."

The endorsement of the Democrat has shocked many who are in Republican leadership throughout the district. Senate District 2 is made up of nine counties. Within 2 weeks of the betraying endorsement, each county’s Republican Executive Committee took action, passing a resolution asking voters to reject the endorsement and to support Sen. Hall. Most counties passed the exact same resolution. But all counties did share a common message, which sends a strong message of unity.

First, the resolution called upon voters to reject the endorsement. Next, a call to action for Republicans and potential Republican voters to unite behind Sen. Hall, based on principle. Last, their only request of Dr. Deuell, was for him to show more respect to the Republican voter and the party platform in the future. 

These precinct chairs and county chairmen who passed the resolutions condemning Dr. Deuell were in some cases supporters, campaign volunteers and patients. Many Republican leaders throughout the district could and did relate to an initial description of it being a “slap in the face to committed Republicans.” It is even more disturbing to see a doubling down and tripling down behind the left-wing agenda/candidate. Essentially not respecting the Republican primary and leadership.

Each county’s executive committee feels like they did the right thing. Everyone involved feels like they accomplished their goal. The party has been unified. Because we all rejected the betrayal, and confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that The Party fully supports Sen. Bob Hall on November 6, 2018.

There is a lot on the line for this election. Of course there is every election, but this one is pivotal. Will we return to a Nancy Pelosi-controlled House? Will the Democrats then be able to achieve their main goal, attempting to impeach Trump? Will Democrats see Texas turning a blue with a statewide office? Will Republicans stay in power?

After seeing a record low in unemployment in minorities and our economy doing so well, I hope we continue our leadership with lower taxes, and less regulation. Will we secure our border?

Bryan Slaton

Royse City (Hunt County)

Bryan Slaton is a former Republican candidate from Royse City who ran against state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, during the 2018 primary election. 

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