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The cost of owning a car begins after the purchase. Whether you’re dealing with an oil change or have major repairs to take care of, it’s important to use a mechanic or auto shop who is worthy of your trust. In 2018, BBB received 1.6 million inquiries and over 7,650 complaints on auto repair shops. BBB reminds consumers to do their homework before choosing a mechanic for vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Traditionally, when a car breaks down, the solution has been to fix it. Repair manuals, knowledgeable mechanics and auto parts stores make car repairs common, quick and relatively inexpensive. Even with modern computer-equipped vehicles, regular people have plenty they can do: change oil, change tires and many more advanced upgrades.

Imagine buying a million dollar car, but the moment it runs out of gas or a part breaks, you have to abandon it by the side of the road. Sounds crazy, right?