The Royse City Bulldogs took second place at the University Interscholastic League District 9-3A boys district track meet held last week in Royse City.

The Bulldogs racked up a total of 106 points at the event. Princeton came in first place with 230 points, while Bonham took third place, Community took fourth place, Farmersville took fifth place, and Van Alstyne took sixth place.

Royse City came in second place in the 400 meter relay. The team was made up of Nate Barbee, Jeremy Alexander, Carlos Gallegos, and Mickey Mojica. The alt runners were Brian Irby and Josh McKinney.

Princeton came in first place,Bonham came in third, with Jerome Steward, Ian Atkinson, Andre Murria and Grace Kipp running. Dylan Garza and Jarvis Brannon were the alternate runners.

Community came in fifth place in the relay, with Reuban Carranza, Cody Nicholson, Oscar Muniz and Joel Camacho running for the Community Braves.

The Van Alstyne Panthers came in last place with Austin Dillon-Harp, Jacob Cheatham, Dustin Hand, and Micheal O’Brien running.

Royse City Bulldog Bert Boudreaux came in fourth place in the 110 meter hurdle competition. Bulldog James Rodriguez came in right behind him and took place four in the competition.

Royse City came in second place in the 800 meter relay. Nate Barbee, Carlos Gallegos, Andre Ervin and Brian Irby ran the relay and beat Bonham, Community, Van Alstyne and Farmersville. The Bulldogs lost to Princeton, who took first place.

The Bulldogs also took second place in the 400 meter dash. Mickey Mojica ran the dash in 51.4 seconds. Princeton’s Isaac Marrufo took first place by running the race in 50.01 seconds. Princeton’s Tim Clark trailed behind Mojica with 52.39 seconds. Community came in fourth place, Princeton came in fifth place and Bonham came in sixth place.

The Bulldogs came in last place in the 300 meter hurdles. Jeremiah Martinez ran the race in 44.85 seconds. Bonham came in first place, Princeton came in second and third place, Farmersville came in fourth place, and Bonham came in fifth place.

Royse City Tyler Whitney came in fifth place in the 1600 meter run. Princeton came in fist place, third place and sixth place, Farmersville came in second place, and Community came in fourth place.

Royse City’s Mojica, Barbee, Irby, and Ervin took the second place in the 1600 meter relay. Princeton came in first in the relay, Bonham took third place, Farmersville took fourth place, Van Alstyne took fifth place, and Community took sixth place.

Royse City’s Luke Beck placed third, Wynn Posey came in fourth and Bulldog Kody Smith took fifth place in the in the pole vault competition. Josh Anderson of Bonham placed first, Josh Davis of Princeton placed second and Matt Roan of Community came in last place, or sixth place.

Bulldog Taylor Gheen took the second place in the high jump competition. Bonham’s Casey Hill first while Bonham, Community, Van Alstyne, and Princeton trailed behind Gheen.

The Bulldogs came in the last two places in the shot put competition. Bulldog Keylon Sims came in fifth place and Jarrell Howard came in sixth place. Van Alstyne took first place, Community took second and third place, and Princeton took fourth place.

Jeremy Alexander of Royse City took place four in the long jump. Princeton took the top two spots, Community came in third, and Bonham came in fifth in the long jump.

Bulldog Jarrell Howard took second place in the discus competition. Community’s Justin Madrid took the top honor, or first place.

Bulldog Carlos Gallegos came in fourth place in the triple jump. Princeton dominated the event placing first and second. Bonham placed fourth and Farmersville came in last place.

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