I can go back to when I covered my first Royse City High School football game in 1969 and being just barely out of a Bulldog uniform myself, I could still feel the sting of a loss or the effervescent lifting of a victory.

Fortunately for me, I still have those feelings and I hope I never lose them.

Several times this year I felt that sting of defeat just because our team and my team lost nine of the 10 games they played. But I’m just writing the stories of memories that I hope will be in someone’s scrapbook or tucked away on a disc or in some computer’s “cyberspace.” After all we don’t dwell on the losses but celebrate the effort that this rebuilding year brought.

There was still a tremendous amount of good experienced in this season and the future of the Royse City Bulldog football program looks brighter than ever. Next year Royse City will have a much bigger, faster, stronger and experienced football team. I would go as far as to say we might even expect that 1-9 to be reversed to a 9-1 in 2013.

Even though this senior class of 2012 players did not make it to the playoffs, we still owe them a standing ovation for how they really tried to get there. Whether it be because of the youthfulness of the 2012 team, the size, the speed or whatever — never let it be said that this team did not go down fighting. That is one thing that nobody can ever take away from this squad, their never-give-up attitude. Also never once did I ever hear an excuse given by a player or a coach. And because of that I think they need and should get the respect they deserve.

Playing in their last game of the season and of their high school football career were Deonte Reed, Blake Brazel, Clint Sherman, Samuell Rushing, Elijah Huntley, Eder Garcia, Luke Schell, Chris Perez, Chandler Tolbert, Aaron Reavis, Andrew Hughes, Thomas Johnson, Jose Reyes, Justin Campbell, Brian Erbe, Alek Johnson, Dylan Gibbs, Alfred Haumpy, Austin Vandiver, Tim Clark and Chase Selbly.

The season high notes were:


Sr. Samuell Rushing: 171 carries, 835 yards rushing, six touchdowns

Jr. Jackson Watts: 89 carries, 489 yards, three touchdowns

Jr. Alex Ramsey: 78 carries 292 yards, two touchdowns


Jr. Jackson Watts: 122 completions, 222 attempts, 1,482 yards, 11 touchdowns, 16 interceptions


Sr. Michael Webb: 41 receptions, 661 yards, longest reception 71 yards, three receiving TDs and three rushing TDs

Jr. Christian Rios: 18 receptions, 219 yards, longest 35 yards, one TD

Jr. Jake Glisch: 17 receptions, 257 yards, longest 36 yards, three TDs


Sr. Chase Selby: 18 of 20 PAT, one of six field goals, 35 punts, 35.97 yards per punt, longest punt 68 yards


Sr. Deonte Reed: 112 tackles, two interceptions

Sr. Clint Sherman: 107 tackles, two caused fumbles and one fumble recovery

Jr. Austin DeWeese: 88 tackles, one interception, two caused fumbles

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