Royse City High School students Kayla Hutchins and Michaela Travers will be competing in the state 5A track and field championship meet at the University of Texas at Austin on Friday. 

Hutchins, a sophomore, and Travers, a graduating senior, know each other through track as well as through basketball. 

In addition to the school records that they have broken in their individual events, together, they also  formed half of a school record-setting 4 x 200-meter girls relay.

Bulldogs coach Tiffany Null said that this is the most number of students that the high school has sent to the state meet. Hutchins will be competing in the long jump, while Travers will be running the 300-meter hurdles. 

Travers also ran in last year’s 5A championships, finishing third in her specialty event.

“It’s the biggest thing that they can do at this level; this is it,” Null said. 

Travers will be going into the state meet as a “wildcard.” Her time of  43.86 was the best by any third-place finisher in the four 5A regional meets.

When asked about how she feels about being an underdog, Travers said she prefers to be overlooked by her competition. 

“Being the wildcard does make me feel like the underdog, but I like that feeling,” Travers said. “I like it when people don’t really think of me, and I can just come out and do what I do.”

Null has high hopes for both Travers and Hutchins. 

Travers recently accepted an athletic scholarship at Oklahoma State University, and is looking to study biological science in the fall semester. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field, but I just haven’t decided exactly on what,” Travers said. 

Hutchins said that she will miss her teammate who has become a friend to her on and off the field and basketball court. 

“I mean, it’s going to weird when she’s not here. I’ve gotten so used to it over these past two years,” Hutchins said.

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