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Longview, Texas – After 10 grueling innings on Saturday, Bullard shortstop Jachin Salas blasted a 2-1 pitch over the leftfield fence for a walk-off 2-run homer in Bullard’s 4-2 victory over the Dixie North Texas Regional Champs Spring Hill in the Dixie State Championship elimination game at Lear Park.

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Quite honestly this heat makes me want to carry a portable fan clipped to my sun hat or sit on top of an ice bucket while I pull weeds. In our neck of the woods, the humidity just makes it worse. Not just for those of us outside, but the plants as well. Normally by mid-July we are either in the middle of a drought or swimming around in our yards fighting leftovers of a tropical storm.

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At the Aledo ISD board of trustees meeting Monday night, a discussion was had about the implementation of a vaping policy as well as the expansion of the district’s random drug testing program.

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The temporary manager appointed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Mark Patterson, held a community meeting in Horseshoe Bend Monday afternoon to answer questions and discuss other information, including water rates.

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Brock ISD board of trustees heard a recommendation from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding improvements to facilities and services during Monday’s board meeting.

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Watching a friend or family member experience changes in memory loss, thinking or behavior can be troubling. It’s normal to not voice your concerns because then they seem “real,” but if you are having significant concerns about their health, it’s important to be proactive and take action to find out what is going on.

After Western Lake Estates and Brazos Ridge Estates residents complained about multiple water issue notices from Monarch Utilities/SouthWest Water, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is currently investigating the situation.

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A complaint of bites coming from sort of tiny creatures in Lake Mineral Wells on Sunday has state park officials looking into identifying the tiny creatures believed responsible and what to do about them.

The newest neighborhood community that started the rush to Huntsville is Texas Grand Ranch. They have sold out on lots in their first section. They are selling lots in their second section and the community is on track to open their third section. Although this community does not have a swimming pool, playground or lakes, they do have a community mindset. 

Summertime is upon us, Sam Houston University students are at home, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of rain for our flowers and yards and “Home Sweet Huntsville” continues to grow and prosper. Aren’t you glad you live here? I feel that I sometimes don’t appreciate enough what we have in our community, so I must stop, look around, think and thank God for where I am. I hope you feel the same.  We all have a lot to be thankful for.

During WWII, it took the efforts of everyone to beat back the aggressors. Women were indispensable in this cause. They would tackle many jobs, determined to do whatever was necessary to help as men were recruited for combat duty and sent overseas.

New Mineral Wells head baseball coach Brett Ray is offensive minded and has a reputation for rebuilding programs and the culture surrounding them.

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Following the lead of a small East Texas town, Mayor Christopher Perricone wants to make Mineral Wells a sanctuary city for an unborn child, criminalizing anything related to performing or assisting in any way an abortion.

It was an exciting morning for residents and business owners of Willow Park at the official opening for the newly completed Crown Pointe Boulevard Friday morning, which will help increase access and traffic flow.

Residents in the western part of Parker County are not happy with the recent clearing work that has started for the ONEOK Arbuckle II natural gas pipeline that is going through their properties.

Weatherford College board of trustees approved awarding the contract to build a new parking lot to Reyes Group during the meeting on Thursday in the Doss Student Center.

As the Gulf Coast prepares for Tropical Storm Barry, Rangers at Huntsville State Park are still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Harvey rocked the park’s trails and campsites.

Sam Houston State has made an addition to its men’s basketball coaching staff, with the Bearkats bringing on an assistant coach that reminds head coach Jason Hooten of himself at the start of his career.

Proverbs 26:1-11 contains a detailed though not complete list of characteristics of a fool. Those verses also explain how to respond to a fool. Verse one tells us that we should not bestow honor on a fool. Verse three reminds us that sometimes a whip is needed for a horse, a bridle is needed for a donkey, therefore a fool needs a rod applied to his back to discipline and guide him or her. I testify that I needed a rod to my back many times. Verse four tells us not to respond to folly with folly or else we will become fools ourselves. Verse five tells us to make sure that we find a way to warn the fool of his folly. It does not help the fool to allow him to believe that all is well. Telling the fool of his folly has great potential to help him avoid folly, maybe now and certainly later. Verse six warns us that depending on a fool will certainly bring harm, likely violent harm, to our own selves. Verse seven reminds us not to put much hope in our giving wise sayings to a fool. That wisdom will very likely be useless to the fool. Verse eight points out the stupidity of tying a stone in a sling. The stone must be loose in order to be cast from the sling. A tied stone in a sling is likely to remain in the sling and come back upon the head of the thrower. This stupidity is likened to giving honor to a fool. Giving honor to a fool will certainly damage the reputation of the one who bestows the honor. Verse nine warns us that if a drunkard holds a thornbush in his hand, someone is going to get hurt. Thus, if a proverb comes from the mouth of a fool, it is likely misapplied. Verse ten tells us that a man who hires a fool will bring harm to all who are nearby. Verse eleven lets us know that we should be ready for the fool to repeat his folly over and over and over again.

Farm Aid, the top-notch group of researchers and advocates who've tracked family farm issues for nearly 34 years, reports that just two giants now control 60% of all raw milk processed nationwide — a concentration that works to suppress the farm price of milk. But the processor monopoly is more severe than that number suggests. Because of rigged marketing rules and the perishable nature of milk, farmers sell regionally, and these markets are even more locked down by the Big Two. The largest — Dean Foods, an $8 billion behemoth — controls 90% of dairy markets in Wisconsin and Michigan, 70% in New England and 70-90% in several other states.

PALO PINTO – Lone Camp Volunteer Fire Department added a 2019 small brush truck to its fleet thanks to a $100,000 cost-share grant through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program administered by Texas A&M Forest Service.

A man was arrested with crack-cocaine at a Huntsville apartment complex Monday after causing a scene and harassing tenants. 

A young dachshund named RJ was reunited with his owner Tuesday after he was taken from the front yard of his home in southwest Parker County on July 5 by two Amazon local delivery drivers this week, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office.

Data released in June gives an idea where Walker County stands in several key demographics, according to information from the United States Census bureau.

Not every spot in our yards can be covered in turfgrass. You may have deep shade, or lots of tree roots, or a hot and dry spot or a very steep slope. You may have a spot that you can’t get to with irrigation or isn’t safe to drag a hose to it for water. In such cases as these, groundcovers can be very useful.

Officials on Tuesday said that a Venus man, originally thought to be missing, was consumed by his dogs. 

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Carolyn Reilly Livingston was born June 13, 1952 to Philip and Faye Kersh in Jackson, Mississippi. She was raised in Memphis, Tennessee and attended Memphis State University. She married Larry Livingston on February 24, 1997 in Rockwall, Texas. They owned and operated Air Max Heating and Air…

Carolyn Reilly Livingston was born June 13, 1952 to Philip and Faye Kersh in Jackson, Mississippi. She was raised in Memphis, Tennessee and attended Memphis State University. She married Larry Livingston on February 24, 1997 in Rockwall, Texas. They owned and operated Air Max Heating and Air…