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Have you ever experienced a great victory in your life, spiritual or otherwise? You feel so good. Everything looks better, feels better, tastes better. Then it happens. One sad sack enters the room and tells you how bad everything is. One critic points out a flaw. One well meaning but misguided soul says, “but….”. You know what I’m talking about. All it takes is one nay-sayer. It happened to Elijah, only much worse.

I recently discovered a dish in a local restaurant that is simply marvelous. It incorporates eggplant and black olives into a creamy tomato sauce with fettuccini. The dish is so delicious it is one of those you almost wish you had not discovered; rich, flavorful and satisfying. And I know that while my mouth is savoring every bite, my heart and blood vessels are screaming for temperance. It is perfectly appropriate when following a healthy lifestyle to enjoy rich foods on a periodic basis. With the holidays approaching, this reminder is especially poignant.

Although they take up two display cabinets, one of the Vanishing Texana Museum’s most neglected areas in terms of research is our doll collection. A recent gift of a small doll by Paul and Sue Harris of Jacksonville sparked a flurry of research and united this new acquisition with an older one already on display. Another Mystery of the Museum has been solved!

The road was dark in places where no moonlight glistened off it, as the wind bellowed through the tall trees. Not a soul was in sight. Suddenly, a deer leapt from the woods, its eyes bright as if it had been startled by something. It sprinted quickly across the road into the darkness on the other side.

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